The Women-Nature Correlation: Mapping the Legacy of Ecofeminism

tumblr_n406awqdo81rwd9wio1_500The Women-Nature Correlation: Mapping the Legacy of Ecofeminism
Noteworthy quote from this article:

“In environmental history, as in many other fields of study, key actors were assumed to be male, hiding women’s involvement (Scott 1988). Not only were women’s activities and engagement with ecology excluded from all history, but denial of their presence also led to a lack of attention to their struggles and responses to environment policies, rendering them passive and powerless non-actors. There has been a long standing debate in feminist anthropology regarding the relationship between women and nature originating from cultural ideologies about women’s biologically-inherent nurturing personality based on their role in reproduction and extended periods of child care. This, at one time a dominant ideology, gave rise to the notion of women being closer to the environment (nature) and thus more able to identify with ecological conservation efforts and sustainable development of natural resources.”

Reference:  The Women-Nature Correlation: Mapping the Legacy of Ecofeminism by Indrakshi Tandon for Voices   (Vol. 12, No. 1 Fall, 2012 15), A Publication of the Association for Feminist Anthropology.

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