Denyse Schmidt – Offbeat Tradition

At once nostalgic and utterly new, Denyse Schmidt’s quilt designs are fresh, modern and timeless. With her collection of patterns, Denyse brings her offbeat modernist approach to traditional patchwork layouts.




Denyse grew up in central Massachusetts in an area full of old textile mill towns.  This obviously had an influence on her love and work with textiles. She studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Denyse and her quilts have appeared in distinguished national magazines, newspapers and books. STC Craft, an Abrams Imprint, and Chronicle Books, two respected publishing companies in the US, publish the Denyse Schmidt collection of books and stationery items.

denyse-schmidt-quilt 2014_6_19_12_51_28 2010_8_5_15_43_28

For more on Denyse Schmidt, see her website:  DSQUILTS.COM

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