Emily Kesselman

Emily Kesselman is an openly gay graphic designer who when interviewed by the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents reinforced the call for the LGBTQ community to come out and be visible as a key component for the fight for equality. Kesselman is a young designer who is not afraid to speak out as well as communicate her activist perspective through her print and video design.

I think at the root, the most important issue facing us is showing people that we exist. In order for us to obtain any kind of equality or civil rights, we need to first prove we exist – a burden I don’t believe has been faced by previous minority groups. I’ve encountered many opponents who have said that gay people don’t exist, only heterosexuals with homosexual “addictions” or “afflictions.” One woman at the heart of a prominent anti-equality organization wrote that she refuses to “accept the category of gayness.” The “ex-gay” movement that was strong in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s was once a formidable opponent to our goals of civil equality, because as long as gays don’t exist then we don’t need equal rights.

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