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Selma Kozak is a graphic designer and academician in Turkey. She was born in 1989 in Kütahya. She is interested in a variety of graphic design areas such as environmental graphic design, public installation, public art. She is concerned with femminism and interaction between feminism and graphic design. Her works have been displayed in many group exhibitions in Turkey, Italy and Spain, among other countries. Her first solo exhibition “Women and Things” took place in Macerata /Italy on 20 November 2017. She is working at Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Ats Faculty/Izmir as a research assistant while writing her PhD. thesis.

Woman and Kitchen2

Woman and Place

Selma Kozak’s commentary on her exhibition “Women and Things:”

“Women and Things” includes many posters which tells [of] women and something characterized by women in society until now. Women’s identities, marriage, places where marked by these women and where women are restricted, their beauties and even colours are at the center of this project. One of the most significant parts is their body. For many years, much was said, written and done about women’s bodies. It was and sometimes still is exploited, abused, used, harassed, seen as a property, and even seen as a tool for reproduction by men. The darkness and obscurity of the black is an expression used to describe the limited condition of the body in how the woman is seen only as an object “My body is not your property…” The repetition of specific words (like women, body, beauty…) is expedient [used] to reinforce the concepts of the illustrated manifestos.”

Women and Beauty

Women and Pink

Kozak’s “Women and Things” inspired the following Italian poem by Giorgio Severini:


Mandare in frammenti.
Le parole della canzone; lettera dell’alfabeto
Liberarsi… Senza limite…
Tracciare una linea; linea d’orizzonte
Aprire nuovi orrizzonti; idee avanzate.
Tremare dal freddo; la sommita di una montagna
Statura morale.
Acqua di sorgente. Trattenere le lacrime.
Voce acuta… Brivido di paura…
Stupore… Citta fortificata

Yükselmek (translated from Italian to Turkish)

Şarkının güftesi; alfabenin harfi
Kurtulmak… Sınırsız…
Bir hat çekmek; ufuk hattı.
Yeni alanları açmak; ileri fikirler
Soğuktan titremek; dağın tepesi.
Gönül yüceliği.
Memba suyu. Gözyaşlarını tutmak.
Dik ses… Korkudan ürperme…
Şaşkınlık… Müstahkem şehir.

Women and body-3

Marriage Over

Selma Kozak’s CV

2016 – present, Dokuz Eylül University, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design, Izmir

2012 – 2015, Dumlupinar University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Graphic Design, Kütahya

2007- 2011, Dumlupınar University, Academy of  Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design, Kütahya


2017, ‘Women And Things’  Accademia Belle Arti di Macerata, Mirionima Gallery, Macerata/  Italy


2017 ‘Vololibero’ Associazione Culturale AGAPE,  Camerano / Italy

2017 ‘International Cancer Week Poster Exhibition’, Çanakkale / Turkey

2015 ‘Women’s Day Exhibition’ Dumlupınar University, Faculty of Fine Arts, International,   Kütahya Turkey

One thought on “Selma Kozak – Women and Things

  1. WOW! She’s got some really great posters – they’d be super for the women’s march!

    Here’s her poem translated into English (compliments of Google Translate):


    Send in fragments.
    The words of the song; letter of the alphabet
    Get free … Without limit …
    Draw a line; horizon line
    Open new horizons; advanced ideas.
    Tremble from the cold; the summit of a mountain
    Moral stature.
    Spring water. Hold back the tears.
    Sharp voice … Shiver of fear …
    Amazement … Fortified city

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