Sylvia Harris – Design for Real People

Sylvia Harris was recognized for her commitment to using design to improve the civic experience and for influencing a generation of designers as a teacher and mentor. If you’ve strolled through the Central Park Zoo in New York, participated in the 2000 U.S. census or selected an iconic stamp at the post office, then you’ve benefited from the work of design strategist Sylvia Harris.


Throughout her 25-year career she has partnered with high-profile clients—in business, nonprofit and government—to yield rewarding projects and a life’s work dedicated to removing barriers by ensuring that public information systems are accessible to everyone. Sylvia Harris was a remarkable advocate of good design for real people!

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2 thoughts on “Sylvia Harris – Design for Real People

  1. I love seeing the accomplishments of women in design. In our society, there is often an unspoken, yet assumed gender (male) when none is assigned (i.e. doctor, scientist, artist). That’s changing over time, and with people like you who are educating us about our herstory. Thanks for another insight!

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